12 July 2014


How exciting to have two winners!  I am in awe of Nicki's designs and how she turned some uniforms into creative quilted pouches! You can follow up with more information about Friday evening HERE 
Since I am on Day 5 of Post-Op, I couldn't make the celebrations, but have enjoyed following Ragfinery on Facebook.

I've been busy handquilting when I have a moment or two. I have some mild exercises to follow, but other than that, it really does take time to heal. Thank-you Fibropreneur for the well-wishes! Speaking of surgery, I hope you will join me in sending positive thoughts to our fellow blogger as well! 

05 July 2014


Did you enjoy the holiday weekend? 4th of July for us in the USA.
We had some rain on Friday, but come evening, the clouds thinned and we could see the fireworks over Bellingham Bay.

I'll be taking a month or so off from blogging & the Paisley Parkes Facebook page. Monday (7th) I'm going in for my second spinal surgery (cervical as in neck) in two years. This will be followed up with rehabilitation. 

So, the above quilt will be one of things I'll work on as I recuperate. I'm not so much worried about perfection in the handquilting as I will be in the ability to hold a needle and thread. If you'd like to see what I'm up to during this time, I'll be on Instagram @pamela_banis I enjoy seeing what others are doing as well. 

Finally, I'd like to know, what are you Thankful for

I know that we all list family, friends, & our health. But, what hobby/talent/craft are you thankful for? I truly believe that our hobbies calm and enrich our minds with creativity and growth. 

I'm thankful for turning fabric into something pretty and useful. I am also thankful for spinning wool into yarn, & using felted wool fabrics to make rugs. Most of all, I am thankful for those that taught me how to use my hands to create things of beauty. 

Until next time, Have a fun summer! Pam

01 July 2014

To-Do #20

the girly-girl quilt

This week I'll be enjoying the outdoors, and readying two quilt tops for handquilting. I've also set aside some videos to watch, and magazines to read. 

What's on your to-do list for the week?

27 June 2014

Bits and Pieces


Using up bits and pieces I had in the scrap jars. 

This is my entry for the WTA/Ragfinery Challenge. One pair of WTA Pants, 1 WTA rainproof jacket = A 5 gallon garden tote

The guidelines for the challenge are here

24 June 2014

To-Do Tuesday #19

#1 Read: magazines, books and favorite bloggers 

#2 Sew bits and pieces into a Quilt

What are your plans this week?