October 20, 2014

To-Do 43

Over on Instagram, Soak Wash has been hosting a photo challenge for October. The above photo is for day 19: Fave Notions. 
I thought I'd spend a couple minutes to explain each choice. 
1. Olfa Rotary cutter: This is the first rotary cutter I've ever owned and it's still going strong. When I first started quilting I was hand cutting each fabric piece. How times have changed!
2. Lint Roller: I use lint rollers to remove stray

October 13, 2014

To-Do #42

Busy, Busy, Busy........... Sew Kitschy blocks have been assembled and the quilting has begun. As usual, I love a little machine quilting and a little handquilting. Isn't the embroidery a nice touch? Thanks to my close friend Deborah. 

I created a few more ornaments, and played around with some different additions. I've set aside making more until I know what sells. (I've got oodles made). 

October 06, 2014

To-Do week 41


For To-Do #40, I made ornaments, went to a sew-in and made more ornaments. 

On Tuesday the Modern Quilt Guild hosted a webinar with Jacquie Gering. Wow, fantastic artist and entertaining speaker! She went over Modern quilting themes and ideas. I was so inspired by the information, that I scribbled ideas down as we went along. Visit her website at: 


I'll have to miss the modern quilters Monday meeting, I woke up with a weather change headache. They are starting a Tula Pink QAL, and I'll have to pass this time around. I'm one of those people that can have 3 or 4 WIP's and that's my limit. I'm looking forward to when this group decides to join the MQG-that will help condense some of the future projects. 

How many quilt, sewing, hobby groups do you belong to? Do you accomplish most of your project goals? 

Sew-in with the Running with Scissors Group

Beads n More for Ornaments

The plans for this week are:
Sew Kitschy 
Pet Quilts