October 27, 2014

To Do #44

How much did you accomplish last week? I managed to cross everything off the list. YAY! (see: To-Do #43). 
This week might be a little busier:
1. Dress Form- It's almost done, just need to create the stand. 
2. Ornaments: drop off new stock to Fabric Etc.

3. Pick up kiln-fired monkey's from CreativiTea 
4. Work on a Christmas and birthday block. 
5. Start and finish Blue Star Banner for Sister. 
6. Have friend over for a sew or bake day

What one thing do you want to accomplish this week? Perhaps it's to be outdoors, or read a book. Knit a scarf or buy some fancy cocoa? Leave a comment below or on the Paisley Parkes Facebook page. See you soon!
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October 24, 2014

Fabulous Finds!

 Yesterday, a friend and I went to lunch at Skylark's in historic Fairhaven. I ordered a delicious grilled cheese on whole wheat, with zesty coleslaw on the side. At $4.99 you have yummy choices for lunch.   

 After lunch, we walked across the alley to CreativiTea. Since this was our first visit, we were given a thorough walk-thru of each process: Fused Glass OR Ceramics. We opted to paint the ceramics on this visit. (They also offer classes)
After selecting our projects, we then picked out the paints. Every paint, at the paint station, show examples of how they will look once fired.
I chose two monkeys, simply because I couldn't resist those curly tails! I gave them a little bit of my paisley treatment and can't wait to see them once they are kiln fired. 
By the way, CreativiTea has a full-service tea bar. Perfect for an afternoon of painting. 

I ventured into the remodeled Rite-aid today, to pick up some items, and found the 75% off aisle. The animal cookies were .25 (11oz). Not only do they make a lo-calorie snack, but they are perfect for pie crust! I found a recipe on YouTube for you:

The last stop for today was the Ragfinery. For $17 I found buttons and fabrics. The blue ribbed knit is perfect for shirt collars, and the orange polka dot scarf and poly orange fabric will make a fun skirt. The Disney babies fabric is for a friend.

October 20, 2014

To-Do 43

Over on Instagram, Soak Wash has been hosting a photo challenge for October. The above photo is for day 19: Fave Notions. 
I thought I'd spend a couple minutes to explain each choice. 
1. Olfa Rotary cutter: This is the first rotary cutter I've ever owned and it's still going strong. When I first started quilting I was hand cutting each fabric piece. How times have changed!
2. Lint Roller: I use lint rollers to remove stray

October 13, 2014

To-Do #42

Busy, Busy, Busy........... Sew Kitschy blocks have been assembled and the quilting has begun. As usual, I love a little machine quilting and a little handquilting. Isn't the embroidery a nice touch? Thanks to my close friend Deborah. 

I created a few more ornaments, and played around with some different additions. I've set aside making more until I know what sells. (I've got oodles made). 

October 06, 2014

To-Do week 41


For To-Do #40, I made ornaments, went to a sew-in and made more ornaments. 

On Tuesday the Modern Quilt Guild hosted a webinar with Jacquie Gering. Wow, fantastic artist and entertaining speaker! She went over Modern quilting themes and ideas. I was so inspired by the information, that I scribbled ideas down as we went along. Visit her website at: 


I'll have to miss the modern quilters Monday meeting, I woke up with a weather change headache. They are starting a Tula Pink QAL, and I'll have to pass this time around. I'm one of those people that can have 3 or 4 WIP's and that's my limit. I'm looking forward to when this group decides to join the MQG-that will help condense some of the future projects. 

How many quilt, sewing, hobby groups do you belong to? Do you accomplish most of your project goals? 

Sew-in with the Running with Scissors Group

Beads n More for Ornaments

The plans for this week are:
Sew Kitschy 
Pet Quilts

September 29, 2014

To-Do week 40

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Did you accomplish everything you set out to do last week? For me, it was close. I will have to postpone the Sew Kitschy block until later, while I get ornaments made for upcoming craft shows. 

So, for week #40 this is what I have planned:

* Make ornaments for holiday bazaars 
* Sew-in Saturday with guild
* Modern quilting Meeting Monday

update: (I've had to adjust the schedule for the week, and so I have learned a lesson......... don't plan daily activities)

I have so many photo opportunities this week, and I cannot wait to share! I am linking up with Christine at Stitch ALL The Things I hope you'll join us.

September 26, 2014

Create a Pet Quilt in 6 Steps!

 I've been sewing pet quilts for a few years now, and not only have my pets enjoyed their quilts, but so have their pet friends. The quilts have made improvements over the years, as I learned about safe materials (cotton and wool), no bindings (can be torn from quilt), no traditional batting (dangerous if ingested), and cotton thread (safer for claws/pads). For some additional info: click here

Early on, I wanted to make pet friendly quilts, all while keeping my personal mantra of  "thoughtful arts & crafts from thrifted, gifted or carefully purchased items"

Are you ready to get started? 
You'll need: 

a. Figure out how large to make the quilt
I make 21" x 18" finished quilts for my 8 lb dog, and also for our Cat friends. This seems to be a great size for around the home, and also in their crates/carriers. You'll want to adjust the size, according to the size of your furry friend. (Unfinished sizes are 22" x 19"). This quilt has NO binding! 

b. 100 % Felted Wool.
If we go according to the size in step 1 (21" x 18") Then you will want the finished felted wool size to equal 3/4" smaller on each side (20 1/4" x 17 1/4"). I hot water wash and dry lightweight 100% wool blankets, clothing, and yardage. 

c. Cotton Fabric and Cotton Thread.
Select a quilt design, or design your own! Be sure to allow an extra 1/2" on every side to be hemmed in. Be sure to use the same measurement for the backing. Don't skimp by using artificial fibers, use only pre-washed 100% cotton fabric and cotton thread. 

d. Sewing Machine, Scissors, Iron, Large Safety pins, Pins, A basic understanding of sewing, Etc disclaimer: I make no guarantee /promise over the making, use, safety or any other uses of the pet quilt. 

 1. Sew your quilt top! (use 2.0 or smaller stitch length) Be sure to "square up your quilt top"

September 23, 2014

To-Do week #39

I accomplished all of last weeks goals ! Yay
For week #39  I'm going to work on:

*10 Bindi Blankets
*Sew Kitschy bom- piece another block and design a layout
*Blog 3x
*Purge patterns/ideas/handouts from the quilt binder. Add new patterns/ideas/handouts. 

What are your goals for this week? Be sure to stop by Stitch All the Things To-do Tuesday and see what everyone is busy with this week. 

September 17, 2014

What I'm doing Wednesday

Hubby brought home some expired magazines for me to go through. I love that he picked out the ones I'd be most interested in: Home, Garden, Crafts. There weren't too many articles that I was interested in, so I decided to look at the pages differently:

1: Is there a design (photo, ads, articles) that catch my eye?

2: Any colors that I'm drawn to, or perhaps unusual color pairings that I'd like to explore?

3: Line, Shape and Texture